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Gift Certificates | Josiah Schmidt, Professional Genealogist | Iowan, Midwestern, and German Immigrant Ancestry Buy Gift Certificates
For how much?

Gift certificates make a great present for friends and family members who research genealogy as a hobby. Help them jumpstart their research with pre-paid hours of retained expert services.

As of , my research rate is $25 per hour, plus any incidental costs (paper, postage, archive usage fees, gasoline costs if driving is necessary [at the rate authorized by the IRS], etc.). The research time includes review of information customer has already gathered, outlining a research plan, carrying out the investigation, and writing the research report.

Should my research rate increase in between the time the gift certificate is purchased and the time that the gift certificate is redeemed, I will happily honor the gift certificate at the hourly rate that existed at time of purchase.

Thank you!