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Genealogy Research Services
Price: $30/hour + incidental costs*

Services offered:
Discovering your family's amazing roots
Solving genealogical "brick wall" problems
Retrieving documents from archives in Iowa
Helping with lineage society applications
Preparing family trees and ancestry charts

What does the research entail?
Reviewing and verifying existing family tree data
Developing an efficient and effective research plan
Conducting a reasonably exhaustive search of available sources
Coming to a well-documented conclusion
Preparing a professional, quality research report

Contact Josiah Schmidt today for a free, no-commitment consultation that will give you all the information you need in order to decide if a professional genealogist is right for you.





Custom Family History Children's Books

$30/page for each page of illustration (minimum 10 pages of illustration)
Plus extra $10/page for professionally crafted, rhyming text, or come up with your own text for free
No charge for a dedication page at the beginning of your book
No charge for up to 5 pages of family history information at the back of your book

How does it work?
Click here to begin the process of creating a custom-made children's story book starring your ancestor!

Click here to see a finished product by Josiah Schmidt

German Document Translation and Transcription Services
Price: $30/hour

Services offered:
Have hard-to-read German documents transcribed and translated
Have old Sütterlin, Kurrent, or Fraktur German handwriting or printing interpreted
Have documents written in Old English handwriting converted to modern English
Get a typed transcript in the original language side-by-side with a modern English translation
Get notes on the meaning and proper interpretation of difficult concepts and rare words

How does it work?
Send in scans or photocopies of your documents (please don't send the originals)
After the clarity and legibility of the documents are reviewed, you will receive a time/cost estimate
Set a maximum budget that you are able to spend and you will not be charged above that limit
Send as much information as possible on the individuals and place names with which the documents deal
Receive a typed transcript, an English translation, and extra helpful notes on the documents

Contact Josiah Schmidt today to have your old handwritten or printed German documents transcribed and translated into English.

Legacy Interviewing Services
Price: $30/hour + incidental costs*

Services offered:
Get your parent or grandparent's life story down on paper
Have an elderly family member professionally interviewed about your family's history
Have a veteran interviewed about their military career
Get an audio and/or video recording of a relative telling their stories
Have the interview conducted in person or over the phone, at whichever time and date is convenient for you and the interviewee
Receive a typed transcript of the interview to add to your family history research

Contact Josiah Schmidt today to arrange for a parent or grandparent to be professionally interviewed regarding their memories and family history. Josiah Schmidt has years of experience conducting hundreds of interviews and published a book on the subject. Josiah's interviews are illuminating, respectful, effective, and professional.

* Incidental costs, when conducting genealogy research, include (but are not limited to) things such as:
Paper and postage
Archive usage fees
Government document request fees
Gasoline, if travel outside of Emmetsburg, Iowa is necessary (charged at the rate authorized by the IRS)
Lodging, if travel outside of a 4-hour radius of Emmetsburg, Iowa is necessary