Episode #7: “It’s Alive!” | The German-American Genealogist Podcast

November 18, 2014 Josiah Schmidt Podcast

Lisa Louise Cooke

Lisa Louise Cooke

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Published 17 November 2014

Put away that Ouija Board. You may not need to summon the dead to get your genealogical quandaries solved. You might find the answers you seek by locating and connecting with your living relatives. There are many reasons for wanting to find living relatives–whether it’s to locate an heir to an estate, to create a descendancy chart, to get memories or photographs of a shared ancestor, or to host a family reunion. In this episode, we’ll tell you the best way to find them. We’ll also talk to genealogist and podcaster Lisa Louise Cooke about her secrets to hunting down living cousins, how to deal with uncooperative relatives, and how to get your extended family interested in their roots.


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One Response to “Episode #7: “It’s Alive!” | The German-American Genealogist Podcast”

  • Mary says:

    Just discovered your podcast and blog. The German research tips are fantastic. I’m looking forward to reading and listening to more. Keep up the great work!


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